What is the Bobbin and Shuttle Mechanism of Sewing Machines?

After you learned the needle part of the sewing machine, the next thing you need to know is the bobbin and shuttle mechanism. Have you ever wondered how the string of the thread moves along the needle? Have you seen what’s inside the compartment and why is there a bobbin case?

This portion of the sewing machine is the most complicated. However, you’ll realize how powerful the bobbin is and how important it is and how it works.

If you don’t have a threading machine at your home, there’ll be video and image explanation for you to visualize the bobbin and shuttle.

Bobbin and Shuttle Mechanism: Explained

Bobbin and shuttle mechanism is the top and lower part of the sewing machine. Bobbin mechanism is composed of bobbin winder, spool pin, spool thread, thread take-up lever, compartment, bobbin case, and bobbin. The shuttle mechanism is the thing that harmonized the drive of needle and bobbin.

These two mechanisms are the reason why the machine can sew faster than the usual manual stitch by hand.  The purpose of this modernization is to make it easier and faster sewing your fabric.

Facts About Bobbin & Shuttle Mechanism

  1. There are 5 ways of bobbin drive – Transverse shuttle, vibrating shuttle, rotary hook, oscillating shuttle, and oscillating hook. Each of them plays an important function.
  2. Several inventors from around the world are continuously studying how to improve more this mechanism. They’re looking for more ways on how to top the highest number stitching per minute.
  3. The hardest part of the invention of the sewing machine. Needle, feed-dog, and motor are much easier to create than the bobbin and shuttle. It looks easy but, it took them a long time to think how a sewing machine can thread faster per minute with these tools.
  4. Since it keeps on breaking or malfunction, bobbin and shuttle need maintenance monthly or twice a year. Same with the motor and thread wheel of the machine, it has complexity and, it frequently works every time you sew.

How Does It Work?

The bobbin and shuttle are the ones that hold the thread and connects it to the needle of a sewing machine. It makes a rotation or loops.

The string of the thread is rotating between the bobbin and shuttle. It’s the reason these two should be on top and bottom which centers the needle.

How Does This Mechanism work?

You should learn how to put the thread and its string from bobbin winder to the bobbin drive. Check the string’s tightness around your machine so you would know if it’s correctly set.

If you want to stitch with a sewing machine, it’s necessary to know how bobbin and shuttle mechanism works. You have to recognize each part of it and how to use it. Not doing so, it’d ruin your clothes and even your machine.

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