Brother CE7070PRW Project Runway Review

Brother CE7070PRW Project Runway reviewIf you’re looking for the best review of Brother CE7070PRW Project Runway then you’ve come to the right place. In this review, we’ll be discussing all its features and the reasons why you need to get one right now.

Being a sewer or dressmaker has never been so easy and affordable thanks to this sewing machine Brother Project Runway CE7070PRW. We’ve never thought we can do it until we encounter this device.

As a loyal customer of Brother company, I am proud to say this machine will never let you down. It has features you never thought it would have. Also, it does a lot than your previous sewing machine.

It is something worth to check. So, in this article, we will give you our comprehensive research about this product. And, you’ll know why sewers are eager to have this on their machine collection.

Many Built-in Stitches

To our surprise, this machine has 70 built-in stitches. It has the essentials, decorative, zigzag, buttonholes and more. You can see all of it at the right side corner of the device.

Moreover, it consists of 100+ functions you’ll going to love. You can use it to enhance your clothes and for your quilting.

Eight Buttonholes

Unlike other machines, they only have one or four one-step buttonholes. But in this device, it has eight that you can choose and for different purposes.

The best part is it’s automatic. You can use it right away once you decide on your jacket, pants, polo and more.

Twin Needle

When you make an in-depth look on your shirt, do you see a double stitch on your bottom part of it and sleeves? If you do, then it was made by the twin needle of the Brother Project Runway CE7070PRW sewing machine.

Its purpose is to make your clothes more presentable and firm stitches. Without this, it will rip easily. It is what most dressmakers want to prevent as they have to sew it again.

LCD Display Screen

Its LCD is small but easy to read. It doesn’t give you too much information which is not suitable for beginners who are just starting to learn sewing.

What you can see on its screen is the number of stitch designs, length, and width. It also has easy control buttons in which you will enjoy to use.

Easy Drop-In Bobbin System

You can assure you will have a quality stitch if the sewing device has a drop-in bobbin mechanism. It is so simple to use far from the usual old mechanical sewing machine.

The system has the capability of jam-resistant. Never encounter messy tangle strings around the device with the help of it.

Automatic Needle Threader

Does it take you a lot of time to insert the string through the hole of the needle? Well, this is Does it make you angry every time you are unable to enter it?

You’ll never experience that again if you use this machine. Why? It is because it has an automatic needle threading mechanism to solve your problem. It will do the job quickly in just seconds.

4×4 Embroidery Area

It may look like it doesn’t support embroidery, but Brother Project Runway CE7070PRW can do it. However, it has limited designs you can choose.

The size of the embroidery area is 4×4. It has the same size as the expensive embroidery machine.

Easy Straight Stich Line

Even if you are just a starter in sewing, you can have a straight stitch line like what professionals can do. With the use of a bedplate with measurements, you can undoubtedly do it.

All you have to do is place the fabric on the bedplate, then choose the measurement you desire. Then, while you are sewing, align it so you can a precise have a straight stitch.

Easy To Transport

Brother Project Runway CE7070PRW sewing machine may look like it is heavy but, it’s not. It is surprisingly lightweight as it has only more or less 13 pounds.

If you don’t have a permanent working area to place your device, its weight is helpful so you can move it wherever you want. With your two hands, you can carry it whether you’re a man or woman seamstress.

Bright LED Light

This sewing device is also capable of illuminating your entire work area. With its bright LED light, you will never have trouble looking at your stitches and fabrics.

For those who have problem with the eyesight, it is beneficial for them. As a result, sewers will have more precise stitches on their fabrics.

Several Additional Accessories

Free items are always the best thing once you purchase a machine. Fortunately, Brother Project Runway CE7070PRW has numerous additional accessories that are advantageous for your sewing journey.

  • 7 Presser Feet
  • English and Spanish Manual
  • Set of Needles
  • Extension Table
  • Power Cord
  • Twin Needle
  • Pouch For Your Needles
  • Extra Bobbin
  • Extra Spool Pins
  • Extra Spool Caps
  • Lint Brush
  • Seam Ripper
  • Screwdriver

They have too many to make you happy as you know all of those accessories are essentials in stitching. You can use them right away if you need them.

In Conclusion

Brother Project Runway CE7070PRW exceeded our expectations and which is why we are happy to give it a review. We can assure you will going to like it. Just by reading and looking at its features, it makes it more interesting.

Plus, it is so affordable as it has the price of more or less $150+. For starters, it is the best deals because this sewing machine can also help you enhance your skills and learning in stitching different clothes and products.

This Brother CE7070PRW Project Runway review and buying guide above should definitely help you narrow down your choice of preference when looking for the right sewing machine.

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