Brother PE770 Review

Brother PE770 review

Do you want to unleash your creativity in embroidery? Brother PE770 would be your best partner to help you with your embroidery and monogramming needs! And that is why we have this Brother PE770 review for you to help you decide.

It is one of the in-demand embroidery sewing machines worldwide. When you search the online and nearest store, it is always sold out.

So, what’s the deal of this computerized sewing machine? Why is it so popular and highly suggested of professionals? Is it worth it? Does it has all have the features I need?

In this article, you’ll get to know Brother PE770. And after reading this, we promise you it will not disappoint you.


Before buying a sewing machine, you have to make sure it has plenty of stitch designs. Fortunately, this Brother version machine has a lot that you didn’t expect.

It has 148 decorative stitches, 136 embroidery designs with buttonholes and letter fonts. You almost don’t need to add more designs because it has all the patterns excellent for any fabrics.

For Embroidery

This computerized sewing machine is just for embroidery, monogramming and quilting purposes. If not, you need to have other devices to do the stitching on your clothes.

Built-In Memory

Aside from its built-in stitches, frames or patterns, you can still add more designs on your machine with its memory.

It can store more decorative designs that you will be using on your fabrics. Also, you can download more on the website or made an original one using software for embroidery.

Large Embroidery Hoop

It has a large size embroidery hoop of 5″x7″. Brother PE770 can create huge embroidery on fabrics with the help of this hoop. Looks like, this is the reason why this machine is so popular.

Embroidery enthusiast will have more fun decorating their clothes. Imagine you can stitch a big size of Disney character or any cute icons, it will give you excitement.


For an embroidery sewing machine, its speed is fast as it can stitch 650 per minute regardless of its designs.

Backlit LCD screen

What makes the machine cooler is its backlit LCD screen. You can see your designs and even edit them with its easy control buttons.

LED light

The Brother sewing machine is well-known for its bright LED light. You can have a clear look at the colors and designs of your stitches.

Automatic Features

Since it is a computerized machine, you don’t have to exert more effort while using it. The automatic features will help ease the work.

It has an automatic needle threader which can help you insert the thread through the needle in just seconds. Then, you also don’t have to cut the end and beginning of the thread because it has an automatic thread cutter.

Accessory bag

Besides its soft dust cover and embroidery arm, you will receive an accessory bag when you purchase Brother PE770. It has several free items which are seam ripper, lint brush, scissors, set of needles, extra bobbins, spool caps, and screwdriver.


Even though this machine is heavy duty and has high-quality parts, you are still entitled to 25-year limited warranty. So, if something got broken, you can bring it to Brother’s service center.

That’s all for our review on the Brother PE770. Ready to give it a ‘sew’? We are confident that this helps you narrow down your choice of preference when looking for the right sewing machine.

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