Brother ST371HD Review

Brother ST371HD reviewWe know how frustrating it is to look for sewing machines for beginners. It is the reason why we tried our best to find one for you and here it is, It’s the Brother ST371HD with our review for it.

Luckily, we found one from the most trusted brand Brother Internationals, and it is Brother ST371HD.

How many stitches does it have?

The machine has 37 variety of stitches built-in. They are:

  1. Basic Stitches
  2. Overedge Stitches
  3. Decorative Stitches
  4. Double Action Stitches

It has several stitches you can choose to customize more of your fabrics.

How do you select stitch design? Is it easy?

Selecting stitch designs is so easy with its rotary dial. It looks like a knob which you can turn it clockwise or counterclockwise.

How fast can it stitch?

If you are using a basic stitch, then you can reach the maximum speed of 800 stitches per minute.

What are the features that can ease the work?

1. Automatic-needle threader

You can put your magnifying glass inside your drawer because this machine has an automatic needle threader. You will not have any trouble inserting the string of the thread into the hole of the needle.

2. Jam-resistant bobbin winder system

You don’t have to keep on fixing the string around the machine to make sure it will not have messy tangled. It already has a bobbin mechanism to make it easier for you.

3. Free-arm

It will help you effortlessly stitch your sleeves and small fabrics with Free-arm.

Why does it have heavyweight needles?

If Brother ST371HD have heavyweight needles, it can handle thick fabrics like towels and cotton jacket. It can also last for several months of stitching than the ordinary needles.

What are the customized feet included in Brother ST371HD?

Multiple feet come with the Brother ST371HD:

  1. Zigzag Foot
  2. Nonstick Foot
  3. Buttonhole Foot
  4. Button Sewing Foot
  5. Blind Stitch Foot
  6. Zipper Foot

Do I have a brighter look at my fabrics while sewing?

Definitely!  All thanks to it’s high-quality LED light. You won’t have to worry if your room or place has a dim light. Unlike other sewing machines, Brother ST371HD’s light is much brighter.

Do these machines include accessories? How many are they?

There are eight additional accessories included when you purchase this sewing machine. They are:

  1. Four bobbins
  2. Twin needle
  3. Screws
  4. Dust cover
  5. Six different types of feet
  6. 3-piece needle set
  7. Two spool caps
  8. Extra spool pin

Does it have a warranty?

Yes, it does. We all know how Brother company treats its customer. Same with those who purchased Brother ST371HD, they want to ensure they will have good experience with the machine. It is why they give a 25-year limited warranty to some parts of it.

Is the price of this machine economical?

Totally! It is only $100+! You can save money from buying this because it almost has what beginners need to learn and practice sewing.

Is this machine for beginners?

For a beginner, it is the best choice to have Brother ST371HD as their first sewing machine and we’re glad that we were able to come up with its review. It has some automatic and manual features you can enjoy. Also, the price is perfect because it’s affordable.

Learning stitching with sewing equipment shouldn’t be expensive. All you need is your dedication to know how to do it and improve your skills.

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