Brother XM1010 Review

Brother XM1010 reviewTake a look at Brother XM1010 review and witness why it’s one of the most highly rated sewing machine. On the other hand, it is full of great features and advantages which is what you are looking for a device.

Beginners and kids often appreciate it. In this article, you will know why it is suitable for them. Also, you will learn what features will help them to stitch even if it is their first time using a sewing machine.

First Look

The first time we saw this sewing machine, we know we need to come up with a review for Brother XM1010. We are more attracted to its floral printed design.

Lady sewers will like it a lot. The design and color will certainly look good in their place or working area.

Then, what I love is its simplicity. You can already see at a glance the easy controls it offers. It will not complicate the beginners as it doesn’t have confusing features.

Basic Built-In Stitches

Brother XM1010 Sewing Machine only has 10 built-in stitches. Since it is only a few, it has essential stitch designs for the clothes. There are only 3 to 5 decorative stitches, and the rest is buttonholes.

A device for starters should not have too many stitch selections. They need first to know how to use the essential designs on clothes before trying other stitches. It is one of the requirement to become a professional seamstress.

Stitch Selector Dial

Aside from easy buttons, it has a stitch selector dial. It is also simple to use as 1 2 3. Even kids can learn how to use it.

All you have to do is utilize it clockwise or counterclockwise if you want to choose the design. Its dial knob isn’t tough to turn, unlike other machines.

750 Stitches Per Minute

At a glimpse, you might be thinking it doesn’t sew fast because of the price of the device, but you’re wrong. It is incredibly quick that can complete your clothes like a flash.

Brother XM1010 has a maximum speed of 750 stitches per minute. You can reach its highest rate if you’re stitching with the essential designs. Different from before, you can finish sewing your fabric in a short period.

Adjustable Thread Tension

Do you often experience messy stitch to your fabrics? It could be because you don’t adjust the thread tension on your sewing machine. It is advised to always check it while stitching.

Fortunately, this device’s adjustable thread tension is very convenient. It is a dial which is on the upper part of the needle. You can set its tightness by turning it.

Quick Set-up Bobbin System

Another specialty of Brother XM1010 Sewing Machine is its bobbin winding mechanism. It is hassle-free as it is quick to set-up.

Your kids will not have trouble with it. Unlike before, you have to assist them in setting up the bobbin system. However, this time you don’t have to do that as it is pretty simple with this device.

Built-in Free Arm

One of the most significant features for dressmakers is the machine’s free arm. For them, when looking for the best sewing device, it should be built-in and can use quickly without a sweat.

Fortunately, Brother XM1010 Sewing Machine has it. For you to access it, you have to remove the left bottom part of the device. After that, you can now sew some cuffs and sleeves.

Strong Plastic Structure And Motor

To our surprise, this sewing machine has an unusually strong plastic structure and motor. We didn’t know it does until we researched it on the Brother’s website.

It only means this device can also last for several years just like those expensive machines. Then, it can also handle tough projects with the use of its durable motor.

Exceptionally Portable

If you will be giving your kids a sewing device, one of your priority aside from its safety is it should be exceptionally portable. It should be very lightweight and has accessories to cover and protect it.

Brother XM1010 Sewing Machine has all of it. It only weighs 13 pounds and with soft dust cover. Your kids can move it wherever they want to stitch without you worrying if they can lift it.

Bilingual Instructional Manual

Another thing you will love about this sewing machine is its bilingual instructional manual. Commonly, manuals only have the English language. It is frustrating for other countries who only knew their native language.

With this device, sewers from Spain can learn how to use the machine. It doesn’t only have the English language but also Spanish for their manuals.

In Conclusion

After reading all of the features, does it give you a better picture of Brother XM1010 Sewing Machine? If that doesn’t satisfy you then maybe know its price will. The device costs only $100+! Yes, you heard it right.

Furthermore, they will also give you additional essential accessories and a warranty when you purchase this sewing machine. It is undoubtedly the best you will have.

Aside from these, this Brother XM1010 review looks at the top features that make it stand out.

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