Can Kids Use Sewing Machine Too?

Sewing is a life skill that’s enjoyable and exciting to learn. Most of us adult probably already have lots of experience and skills. Do you notice the awe in the face of your child while watching you stitch with a sewing machine? Did it come to your mind if kids can use the sewing machine too?

The answer is a big YES! Of course, kids can use the sewing machine too. However, the machine they must use should be kid-friendly but not necessarily a toy. There are a lot of sewing machines in the market intended for kids. But don’t forget to prioritize their safety first.

Best Age to Sew

You might ask what the best age of a child to learn sewing is. The best time to teach them is when they asked for it. Usually, they’ll ask for it when they’re around  6 to 9 where they can better understand and follow sewing instructions and sewing terms. This age range will make them enjoy and appreciate more what they’re doing at the same time.

Kids that learn to sew at a young age develop self-esteem and self-confidence. Their artistry and creativeness will be enhanced as they begin working on their projects. Not every kid know how to sew. So, if kids can use the sewing machine, wouldn’t it be a nice way to make friends with other kids? It can become a common point of interest if two or more kids come together to sew. It’s like “birds with the same feathers flock together,” don’t you think?

Simple Guidelines for Kids

Since kids can use sewing machines, here are some guidelines to help them learn to sew in a delightful and easy way.

Analyze Their Level of Skill

The kid’s age plays a significant role in what they’ll learn from us. It directly coordinates with their fine motor proficiency. We must understand that each kid is unique in their own way. They’ll be able to perfect their skills and conceptualizations, it just takes time.

Be Patient

Remember that they’re just kids. Don’t expect that they can initially follow your instructions. Besides, they easily get bored so think of a way to capture their attention. Like they say, “patience is a virtue.”

Practice and More Practice

Now that kids can use the sewing machine, let them know that it isn’t easy so they don’t get discouraged. However, with practice, they can make their project more beautiful. Also, practicing their stitching methods will help them succeed on other projects.

Expect Mistakes

Mistakes are unavoidable in sewing. This is one of the reasons why the seam ripper exists. We should teach kids to correct their errors because it is crucial. If the kid has a sewing problem, it’d be best to work on it through problem-solving.

Become One-of-a-Kind

We allow kids to work on different projects so they can practice. Step-by-step patterns are provided. But, we want them to express themselves and be unique with what they do.

As soon as our children learn the fundamentals of sewing, provide them some pieces of fabric, spools of thread, and a room to create their masterpieces. Their distinctiveness and bright concepts materialize best if they’re provided the time and space to discover and experiment with materials.

If you’re reading this content, we’re sure that you’re looking for a sewing machine for your kids too. Check out our top 10 best sewing machines for kids and consider getting one.

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