EverSewn Hero Sewing Machine Review

EverSewn Hero Sewing Machine reviewIf you are watching some vlogger and sewer guru, you might have encountered one of their videos about EverSewn Hero Sewing Machine review. Are you intrigued by why do they purchase and recommend it to their fans? Well, so do we!

As soon as we’ve seen them using the product, we made a thorough research of its top of the line features. In this article, we will share that information with you and, maybe you’d also like to purchase it for your embroidery needs.

Girly Appearance

The first time we saw the EverSewn Hero sewing machine, it caught our eyes and heart. Its appearance is so cute, beautiful and girly. By looking at it, you will notice it is for lady sewers.

It has a combination of color violet and white. The design looks simple but elegant which is very pleasing with the eyes.

Limitless Stitch Designs

It has 400 variety of stitch designs. From essential, utility, decorative, letters to monogramming, it has all of it. You can choose more than your ordinary machine.

Also, if you’ll be doing embroidery on your fabrics, it has 40 built-in designs. They are pretty and creative so, you’ll like it as much as we do.

But, we all know lady sewers want customized and original embroidery designs. Fortunately, you can have limitless patterns and ideas with this sewing machine.

With its built-in memory and USB connectivity, you can quickly upload all of your chosen designs. You may download from free embroidery website or create your own using photoshop.

Fast Embroidery Stitch

Do you have a small embroidery business? Then, this machine will help you fulfill all of the orders on time.

Its maximum speed is 800 stitches per minute regardless if it is basic sewing, embroidery, and quilting. You can be more productive than before.

Embroidery Space or Field

Honestly, we didn’t expect that it has a wide field for embroidering fabrics. It has a size of 4″ to 6″ inches. Imagine what large designs can you make from it.

However, the embroidery hoop is not available upon purchasing the machine. But, you can buy one online or in sewing stores near you.

Easy-To-Use LCD

Even if the LCD is colored white and violet, it is very pleasing when you use it. Also, it is user-friendly for beginners which makes it easier to understand.

The LCD is helpful for sewers as it views information about your machine and stitches. The best part is you can edit, select and change the designs of your embroidery.

Automatic Needle Threading Function

Aside from its stitching speed, you can also fasten your work with its automatic needle threading. You will never waste your time inserting the string of the thread through the hole of the machine’s needle.

If you have poor eyesight and suffering from hand spasm, this feature is very convenient for you. You will enjoy more sewing with it.

Adjustable Speed Control

If you are a starter, adjusting the speed control while stitching will help you learn sewing. You can make it slow then if you want to improve your skills you can make it a little bit faster.

Beginners won’t have a hard time practicing their sewing skill. Unlike those machines that don’t have this feature, EverSewn Hero is for moderate and advanced sewers.

More Than 15+ Additional Accessories

How can you not love a product which gives you more free items when you purchase it? Since EverSewn company has a background knowledge of their customers, they know adding 15+ accessories will make them happier.

Here are some essential accessories you’ll be needing for your sewing journey. You’ll get all of it with this sewing machine.

  • 8 Presser Feet
  • Extra Bobbins
  • Edge and Quilting Guide
  • Large and Small Spool Holder
  • Spool Pin Felt
  • Large and Small Screwdriver
  • Lint Brush and Seam Ripper
  • Set of Needles and more

Worth Your Money And Time

For a reasonable price of more or less $500, you can have all the outstanding features and other free items for your sewing adventure. It is not only perfect for beginners but also for advanced users who love embroidery.

Plus, it has a warrant of 1-year upon purchasing then another 10-years warranty for limited cases. With this EverSewn Hero Review, it makes you positive that it will not be a waste of money and time.

Besides that, you know you are making the right choice if your favorite celebrity blogger and sewer recommends it to you. There are so many videos and articles about their purchase and experience with it. All of them have good embroidery experience with it.

That’s it for our EverSewn Hero Sewing Machine review. We hope we were able to give you enough information on why this machine is a must-have. Tempted to give this machine a go?

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