What is Feed-dog Mechanism of Sewing Machines?

Have you ever wondered how does the cloth or fabric move while you stitch? Did you know it’s because of the feed-dog mechanism? It’s amazing how it helps you ease your work when sewing your clothes using the machine. Of course, you’d need a sewing machine for making clothes.

If you want to know more about it and how it works, this article will help you know more. We’ll explain to you facts you haven’t heard before and the importance of why you should know about this mechanism as a seamstress.

Feed-dog Mechanism: How Does It Work?

When you’re manually sewing your clothes by hand, did you have to use your fingers to stretch the fabric? Also, do you need a circular material to stretch the fabric so you can precisely sew your flower or whatever design you’re making?

Its function is the same as the feed-dog mechanism in your sewing machine. Instead of using the fingers of your hand and embroidery hoops, you’ll be using this.

For this mechanism to work, it needs two tools which are presser foot and feed-dog. The feed-dog helps to push forward while the presser foot is pressing or pushes down the fabric. These two are helping each other to tighten and run the cloth while sewing on the machine.


  1. This mechanism is the mind-blowing part of the sewing machine.
  2. You can adjust the pressure of presser foot and speed of feed-dog. However, it depends on the machine if it has this feature.
  3. There are six types of feed-dog mechanism. They’re drop-feed mechanism, differential bottom feed mechanism, adjustable top feed mechanism, needle feed mechanism, unison feed mechanism, and puller feed m mechanism.
  4. There are four types of feed dog teeth which are angular, zigzag, diagonal, and urethane rubber. You can choose whichever you want. However, some sewing machine doesn’t allow it.
  5. You can add accessories to your presser foot and feed-dog in a computerized sewing machine.

How Feed-dog Mechanism Works?

After you set up the thread on your bobbin and needle in the sewing machine, you may now start stitching your clothes. However, if you begin without knowing the feed-dog mechanism, you’ll ruin it.

Since its purpose is to move and press the cloth, correctly adjust the presser foot and feed-dog. Not doing so, when you start sewing, it’ll have an imprecise and unclean stitch. Also, if you can’t run and control the cloth as fast as the feed-dog, it’ll move into a different direction.

Moreover, this mechanism allows you to manage sewing with different types of cloth. Even if it’s thick or thin fabric, you’ll still have a perfect end of stitching.

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