Janome 2222 Sewing Machine Review

Janome-2222 Sewing Machine reviewHere’s a review about Janome 2222, another great sewing machine from the Janome series. It holds a promise of convenience and affordability for all ages who want to acquire it. The automatic features will not give users a hard time making their projects.

This mechanical machine is a quality entry level model that is priced just right. It comes with a free bonus kit and the fundamental highlights you expect.

Key Features of Janome 2222

22 Built-in Preset Stitches

The 22 built-in preset stitches in Janome 2222 will save the day for beginners. Basically, they need not have to learn complex stitching designs. It also consists of an enlarged reverse stitch button as well as a 4-step automatic buttonhole.

Right adjustments can be made through the manual thread tension control. In that way, you never have to worry snapping thread while sewing.

User-friendly Operation

There are more ways than one that makes it easy for the Janome 2222 to operate. This machine is equipped with an automatic needle threader. This great feature enables faster and seamless threading.

The sides of the needle plate provide a threading and seam guide. Winding the pull/push bobbin is effortless with the hand wheel.

The printed stitch patterns are categorized accordingly with letters for easy identification. You can use the dial for choosing your designed pattern including stitch width and length.

Automatic Thread Cutter

This is one of the best-selling features that the Janome 2222 could offer. The automated thread cutter saves time. It allows cutting of both top and bottom threads with the push of a button for continuous sewing.

Automatic Needle Threading System

This feature is really one of a kind for sewing machines. The system uses a lever that guides the thread through the eye of the needle. This is a time-saver and very convenient for those who have poor eyesight.

Free Arm

The free arm is one of the sewing machine features that sewers love. It has become a favorite since it makes it easier to work on cuffs, sleeves, and pants legs.

Lightweight and Portable

While the Janome 2222 is easy to use, it is also easy to carry with its handle. It has a measurement of 15.2”(W) x 11.6” (H) x 6” (D). The portable sewing machine only weighs 13.2 lbs. and can be carried whenever and wherever you like.

This multitasking machine can work on different types of fabrics. These include the following:

  • Synthetic fabrics/blends-rayon-polyester
  • Fine fabrics/silk-satin-taffeta/velvet
  • Knits
  • Natural fibers/cotton-linen-wool

Standard Accessories

These are items that are not usually needed. However, they can be so useful by adding to something else. This will make it more useful, enhancing, and productive.

Overedge Foot

The overedge foot manages the fabric and keeps the edges flat. This compensates the shortage of friction when the needle is making the right-most stitch. It is great for completing medium to heavy-weight and easily-tattered woven fabrics.

Zigzag Foot A

The zigzag foot A is also known as the All-Purpose Foot or General Sewing Foot. It goes standard for all Janome sewing machines.

This is generally used for utility sewing – from straight stitch to zigzag. The special Black Leveling Button deals with humps when sewing over stocky seams.

Zipper Foot

In addition, the zipper foot can be projected to sew on each side of the zipper. This can be done by adjusting the spot of the foot and making the thumb screw tighter. It is also helpful for sewing closely to the piping.

Specialized Bobbin

In fact, this specialized bobbin is devised for Memory Craft embroidery as well as computerized models. Rubber is added to the see-through resin to boost performance and minimize noise. It is imprinted with the letter “J.”

Rolled Hem Foot

The rolled hem foot is also known as rolled hemmer. It stitches the tape-rolled hems on table linens, along frills edges, and shirt tails.

Also, the rolled hemmer in Janome 2222 is developed with a scroll-shaped feed on top. And there is also a straight groove underneath for determining the width of the finished hem. When handling heavier fabrics, a setting of 4mm / 6mm will be required.

Buttonhole Foot

The buttonhole foot is chiefly used for making buttonholes on tight sections. This includes the cuffs and other parts where freedom of movement is mostly needed. A Sliding Buttonhole Foot will be required.

Other Janome 2222 accessories:

These other accessories make the job easier and save time from going to the local shop. Besides, you can also save money because you don’t have to buy another one.

  • Large and small screwdrivers
  • Seam ripper
  • User guide
  • Oil dispenser
  • Extra needles
  • 4 Bobbins
  • Hem guide

In this review, Janome-2222 will make a perfect sewing machine for a beginner. You can never go wrong with the stitches because they are tight and secured. Even a kid of age seven or eight can use this simple machine with little supervision.

This humble sewing machine could sew up to 860 stitches in a minute. Think of how many projects you can make with this budget-friendly machine. The threading and seam guides on both sides of the needle plate are clearly explained.  

Ease of use is another important thing we look for in a sewing machine. That is exactly what the Janome 2222 promises. You can start sewing after choosing the desired stitch, this is after the front loading bobbin is positioned and the needle is threaded.

It is worth noting that the Janome 2222 sewing machine comes with a bonus kit. This includes a size 12 one-needle pack, ¼ ” seam foot, and covered zipper foot. Own now this delightful sewing machine and take advantage of all the great features it offers.

And that’s it for now. Hopefully, our Janome-2222 Sewing Machine review was able to help you.

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