Janome DC5100 Review

Janome DC5100 review

We’ll discuss and give you a thorough review of Janome DC5100 and why it’s a must-have sewing machine. Basically, it is a simple but lovely sewing machine and Its classy design is equipped with user-friendly features that any sewer will look for. This machine truly stands out from the rest of the Janome products for several reasons.

After this review for Janome DC5100, you will agree that this sewing machine truly exceeds your expectation. The convenience of use and its incredible features will keep you sewing all day. You won’t find any other machine that could cater to your sewing needs other than the Janome DC5100.

Major Features of Janome DC5100

167 Built-in Stitches

The Janome DC5100 has 167 various built-in stitches along with 215 stitch functions. These include a blanket, embroidery, quilting, garment sewing stitches, and home decor. It can also work on upper and lower case alphabets, punctuation, and numbers.

This fabulous machine can also do cross-stitch. Moreover, it can create five multiple kinds of simple one-step buttonholes.

Programmable Memory

The Janome DC5100 is also equipped with programmable memory. This contains up to 50 assorted patterns. It can be used for drafting stitch patterns

These stitch patterns can be integrated for various decorative stitches. Besides, it also helps you remember zig-zag stitch widths and length. The customizable needle up/down feature sets the machine to cease operation while the needle is in either position.

Vast Selection of Feet

The machine boasts of 10 diversified selection of feet. No other sewing machine has offered this number of feet. These include the following:

¼ inch seam foot. Patchworkers love this foot for its wonderful function. It allows you to sew a perfect 1/4 inch seam each and every time. The guide is also very useful in terms of finishing a flat seam.

Straight stitch foot. This is mainly used when working on superfine or very heavy fabrics. The foot’s flat underside gives an even pressure against the feed dogs. Its spherical needle hole provides more needle support to avoid creasing and skipped stitches.

Zigzag foot A. It is fundamental on all Janome Sewing machines. It is generally used for utility sewing, especially from straight stitch to zig-zag. This foot is also known as All-Purpose Foot or General Sewing Foot.

Satin stitch foot. This is most helpful when sewing a heavy zigzag stitch. The foot’s bottom is inclined to smooth stitching when sewing embellishing or satin stitches. It is made up of transparent plastic for an easier view of stitching.

Zipper foot. This foot guide can sew on either side of the zipper. It just needs adjustment of the foot and fastening of the thumb screw. It also utilized when closely sewing to piping.

One-step automatic buttonhole foot. This buttonhole foot is generally used for sewing buttonholes. These are tight areas of clothes which includes cuffs. It is also beneficial to other areas where freedom of movement is mostly needed.

Overedge foot. It guides the fabric and keeps its edges flat. The foot makes up for the shortage of friction when the needle creates the right-most stitch. This is specifically great when completing medium to heavy fabrics.

Adjustable blind hem foot. Take note that blind hemming can be sometimes complicated. The blind hem foot will deal with the problem and improves the system.

When blind hemming, the pleat of the fabric adjusts firmly against the foot guide for precision. The groove on the underside helps interrupt unwanted slipping.

Darning foot. It can be used with feed dogs dropped for embroidery and free motion quilting. The darning foot is also called the embroidery foot. It is mostly utilized for “freehand” embroidery and darning.

This foot guarantees appropriate stitch arrangement, reduces puckering and hopped stitches. It also provides protection to the fingers while freely moving the fabric under the needle.

This greatly benefits those who are just learning freehand embroidery. Its open toe edition provides better stitch visibility. Quilters also get great benefits from this foot guide.

Walking foot. This foot is also called the Even Feed Foot, developed with a set of feed dogs. It enables the feeding of fabric without shirting and gets rid of getting inadequate.

The walking foot is also perfect for topstitching, preventing damage because of irregular stitching. Most of the times it is due to the created bulk with the seam allowance around reveres or collars. This foot guide will take care of the issue and ensures perfect stitching.

Backlit LCD Screen

The Janome DC 5100 features a bright LCD screen that has changeable lighting. On the rightmost side of the screen is a menu selection. There are three types of menu settings and each one has a function of their own.

The initial setting is designed for utility stitches. The second deals with decorative stitching purposes and the last one is only for alphanumeric fonts.  

This amazing machine can work on leather, upholstery, knits, and suede. It can also stitch on synthetic fabrics like rayon or polyester. Likewise, the Janome DC 5100 can handle natural fiber fabrics such as wool, linen cotton, and fine fabrics.

Ease of Use

We do not want a sewing machine that is too complicated to use. With the Janome DC 5100, sewing is so much fun making you want to start another project. The maximum width can be adjusted to 7mm and length to 5mm.

There is no need for you to thread the needle because it’s automatically done for you. You won’t have difficulty using the machine’s push-button controls. The panel will show what foot should be used following the selected stitch.

The review and guide above for Janome DC5100 should help you decide which sewing machine to choose. And there are so many other features that you will love about this pretty sewing machine. Aside from the pink color, the Janome DC 5100 has many to offer. This is the machine that you will use for many decades not only for its durability but also for its performance.

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