Janome MC-6300P Review

Janome MC-6300P review

We’ve been searching for a sewing machine for sewers and quilters that wants to improve their stitching skills. Amongst the innovation of the company’s products, Janome MC-6300P is what caught our attention which is why we made a review for it.

You’ll know why on this article as we go through all of its features and parts of the machine. After discovering all of them, we’re pretty sure you’re going to like it and purchase the device right away.  

Automatic Features

If you are a novice, perhaps you’re going to be amazed by the machine’s automatic features. We know how hard it is to operate a sewing machine especially if you don’t know its fundamentals.

Luckily, this machine has several automatic features. You don’t have to know much about its manual mechanism just like what you need in a mechanical/electronic.

  • Automatic Thread Cutter
  • An Automatic Thread Tension
  • Automated Declutch Bobbin Winding
  • Automated Buttonhole Foot

Out of all of these four automated features, the automatic thread tension is what caught our eyes.

Unlike doing it manually, you have to adjust the pressure of thread by estimating it. However, there are times without being aware it is still loose then the problem will occur while stitching. As a result, you could have messy stitches on your fabrics.

Built-In Stitches

Janome MC-6300P has a variety of stitches you can choose. It has 66 essential and decorative stitches.

It also has added four buttonhole designs for your clothes. You can customize it especially if you want different buttonhole on your jacket, shirt, and pants.

Robotic Needle Memory

Have you been in a situation when you forgot what type of stitches or needle you used on your fabrics? If yes, we feel you! We also encountered those instances and, we know how hard it is.

Fortunately, this machine has a robotic needle memory to solve the problem. So, even if you forgot the type of needle, it will remind you what you used before.

Fast Stitching

Are you looking for a fast sewing device which will help you finish your work immediately? Then look no more, Janome MC-6300P has a maximum speed of 1000 stitches per minute.

You don’t have to worry if you have other things you need to do besides stitching. With its speed, it can finish your fabrics right away regardless of what stitch designs you’ll be using.

Drop Feed Mechanism

If you want a sewing machine which allows you to have free motion quilting and sewing, then you’ll love this machine. It has the incredible feature you need.

Its five feed dogs will make your fabrics run smoothly on your machine. While stitching, you won’t have a hard time controlling your cloth.

Bobbin Light

To our surprise, Janome MC-6300P has a bobbin light indicator. Its purpose is to inform you if there’s a jam with your bobbin drive.

Even if its bobbin case is transparent, it will still help you if something’s going on with your bobbin. You can prevent situations like having a messy tangle thread and stitches.

Maximum Stitch Width And Length

Other than its decorative stitches, you can also customize it with this machine. It has an option if you want a maximum width of 7mm and length of 5mm.

If you’re into embroidery and quilting, you can use this feature. You will like how wide and long your stitches can be.

Strong Motor

The best part of this machine is it has a strong motor. Comparing to different sewing machine review, Janome MC-6300p has a high-quality motor which can handle any types of sewing or products you want to create.

You can also ensure Janome MC-6300P is long-lasting with its motor. You can still use this machine and have good condition even after 10-years.

Lots of Presser Feet

It gets more exciting and interesting because it has a lot of presser feet included. It has more than 10 feet you can choose for different purposes.

  • 1/4 Inch Seam Foot
  • Zipper Foot
  • Zigzag Foot
  • 3-way Foot
  • Automated Buttonhole Foot
  • Blind Hem Foot
  • Open Toe Darning Low Foot Shank
  • Open Toe with Quilting Guide and more

These feet will ease your work especially if it is quilting, embroidering, and sewing curtains. If you have a clothing business, you can do a bunch of various products with its presser feet.

In Conclusion

Having a Janome MC-6300P is like winning a lottery. With an affordable and reasonable price, it has all of the features you’ll be needing for your personal or business use. You don’t have to purchase another sewing machine. We hope this review for Janome MC-6300P convinced you getting one of this.

Furthermore, it is durable which is what every sewer are looking for sewing equipment. It could last for several years even if you use it often.

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