What is Needle Mechanism of Sewing Machines?

As a seamstress, how well do you know needle mechanism of the sewing machine? Not only you need to know about every piece of the machine but also how it works. These could help you in the long run in advancing your skills and understanding your best friend, a sewing machine.

In this article, we’ll help you understand what is it, facts, and how it works.

Needle Mechanism

Needle mechanism is the simplest of all the tools in the sewing machine. It’s the middle part of bobbin and feed-dog.

It’s the first part that is ever invented. After a while, they discover it would be great if there would be bobbin for holding the thread and feed-dog to push down and forward the fabric. Without this, the sewing machine will not thread.

There are tons of different sizes and types of point needles. You can choose what needle is best for your fabric. For leather, the needle should be for thick cloth. If not, it won’t sew. If you’re into sewing leathers but don’t have a sewing machine yet, check out our best sewing machines for leathers.

Automatic Needle Threader

For manual needle threader, you need sharp eyes to see the hole of the need and insert the thread. On the other hand, the automated machine will help you enter the string without a sweat with the additional feature of its needle mechanism.

How Does It Work?

This mechanism is the easiest to explain. Its function is upward and downward movement as the same as manual sewing by hand.

The motion of the needle is up-and-down. The needle is attached to the blue circle which is controlled by the motor.

Why Is It Important to Know How It Works?

When it comes to threading in a sewing machine, the needle mechanism is an essential part of it. If you don’t know how it works, then, you’ll have a hard time learning the other complicated tools in the machine.

Moreover, the result of sewing a cloth depends on how well you know about it. If you accurately entered the string of the thread to the hole of a needle, you’ll have precise stitching in your fabrics.

If you still have a hard time understanding about needle mechanism, let us know. We are always happy to inform our readers about the sewing machine. You can share this article with your friends who also don’t know about it.

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