NEX Sewing Machine Review

NEX Sewing Machine reviewAre your teenage kids want to learn how to sew? And, you’re also looking for a very low-budget that has almost features for an adult sewing machine? So here’s our NEX Sewing Machine review and why it’s best recommended for kids.

Introducing, NEX Sewing Machine, a mini stitching device that is perfect for beginners. You can practice your sewing skills with its essential features.

Here are its remarkable features that you should know about the machine. It will help you understand why it is the best choice.


It has an eye-catching and minimalistic look which make it very interesting. By just looking at it, your kids will already know what they can learn from it.

You don’t have to worry if your son also wants to have this sewing machine. They have available colors of blue and pink.


With a weight of 6 pounds, your kids can carry it as it has a very lightweight.

You might be wondering why does it have more weight than those machine for kids. It is because it has more built-in features just like the machines for adults.

For Kids

Teenage kids 13 and above can use this sewing machine. They can understand more about how to use it, and explore more on it to improve their skills.

Since NEX Sewing Machine has more features than others, kids below 13 are not allowed to operate it without the assistance of their parents.

12 Built-In Stitches

Unlike other machines for kids, it has more variety of stitches. The designs are basic, buttonholes and zigzag. At a very young age, they will learn the purpose of each of them.

They could also practice those different stitches on their fabrics.

Reverse Option

It has a reverse option so they’ll know how to strengthen and lock the beginning and end stitch.

Improve Their Skills

NEX Sewing Machine is for the beginners but, it can also accommodate those who want to improve their sewing skills.

It has a free arm which will help them study how to sew the sleeves and cuffs of a cloth. They could stitch small fabrics efficiently with it.

Then, they could also stitch thick fabrics with this sewing machine. However, because it is built mainly for kids, it can only support stitching jeans, towels or with 2 to 5 layers of fabrics.

Lastly, it has a foot pedal. It is meant to exercise your stitching by manually starting it before using an automatic sewing machine for advanced users.


Its speed is different from other machines. It has a minimum of stitches per minute to ensure safety for kids.

Battery And Power Cord

What you will like more about this sewing machine is you have two options on how to start it. You can use it with a battery or power cord.

It is perfect as some parents might be troubled with the safety of their kids if its power cord. They can now be certain nothing dangerous could happen if they advise them to use it with AA battery.


You can certainly tell a sewing machine is portable if it has a built-in handle at the top of it. Fortunately, NEX Sewing Machine has it!

Not only it has very lightweight, but you can also quickly carry it with the handle without using both hands.

Value For Money

With the price of below $60, we think you can’t say no to this and which is why we’ve made a review for NEX Sewing Machine. It has all the essential mechanism of a sewing machine. Plus, your kids will be safe while learning how to sew and improve their skills.

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