Rex-607z Sewing Machine Review

Rex-607z Sewing Machine reviewHave you seen a T-Rex sewing machine? Do you want to see one? Then, meet Rex-607z Sewing Machine and here’s our review of it. I might be overly describing it as comparing it to the most iconic dinosaur ever live on earth, but it does!

This mechanical sewing machine has a vintage look appearance. Same with the T-Rex, it is one of the most iconic equipment ever invented before. It has powerful features like a dinosaur that you will love.

Let’s take a thorough look at all of its mechanism and the advantage it will give to sewers.

How tough is the machine?

Rex-607z uses 900 RPM motor which is a powerful one for an old machine. It is what makes us fall in love with the former walking foot sewing machine they have the best motor than the computerized.

Also, it has a full metal body. If you will notice you can see these vintage machines like this one from the old house of your parents, it is because it can last for more than 15+ years.

How many stitches does it have?

Since it is an old version, it only has two stitch designs which are a straight and zigzag stitch. Even though it has only a few, it can have precise stitch than other machines.

It is perfect if your main goal is to have a quality stitch on your fabrics.

Can I use this machine for my upholstery business?

Yes, this is perfect for your business as it has these features to help you:

  • Walking foot mechanism to stitch thick layers of fabric
  • Maximum of 5mm stitch length adjustment

With the help of these two, you can sew any types of fabrics like leather, curtains, bedcovers, bags, canvas, tarpaulin and more without having any trouble.

Does it sew fast like a dinosaur?

With the maximum speed of 1200 stitches per minute, it does! For an old sewing machine like Rex-607z, its activity is incredible. You can finish more products within the day than before.

Did you know Rex-607z is well-known for boaters and sailors?

Not all people know that boaters and sailors are also stitching some of their things, but they are. One of their favorite walking foot machines is Rex-607z.

Is it portable?

Yes, it is. For a vintage machine, it has the lowest weight of 36 pounds. You can locate it anywhere in your workplace somewhere you are comfortable to work on your fabrics.

Does it conserve electricity?

Yes, you can conserve electricity with its 110V. Even if you will be using it non-stop and its maximum speed, you’ll be saving more with Rex-607 than other machines.

Can I afford this machine?

The price of this walking foot sewing machine is more or less $400. Unlike the new expensive machine with almost similar features, you can save more money and time with this.

If you will be using this for your business, an affordable and machine-like T-Rex should be your number one choice for your purchase. You will have less expense if you’re be needing tons of it.

And that’s it for our Rex-607z Sewing Machine review. Ready to get it a try?

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