Sailrite Heavy-Duty LSZ-1 Review

Sailrite Heavy-Duty LSZ-1 reviewThere are numerous kinds of fabrics and other materials we sew with a sewing machine. Each machine has its own purpose. When it comes to the thickest material such as denim or leather, there is only one machine that can get the job done. And that is the Sailrite Heavy-Duty LSZ-1 and lucky for you, we made a review of it.

Using the right kind of machine for the right kind of fabric or materials will not only quicken the job. It will also save you a lot of money. Purchasing a less expensive sewing machine won’t work as you expected them to be.

What you need is a machine with a strong motor to make sewing through thick and sturdy materials a piece of cake.

Sailrite Heavy-Duty LSZ-1 is a heavy duty sewing machine that you will use for the rest of your life. It could be a little expensive but then it’s worth the buy. It is a powerful machine with advanced seamstresses you will definitely choose over its competitors.

  • Customer support provides excellent services to its customers.
  • Sailrite Heavy-Duty LSZ-1 can even sew up to 10 layers of canvas.
  • The whole design of the sewing machine is almost mainly steel and metal.
  • It can stitch up to 8 layers of Dacron.
  • It can sew up to 8 layers of Sunbrella fabric as well.
  • A DVD is included to help the user become adapted to the machine.

The machine, is of course, heavy. This could be the only disadvantage so far aside from the plastic knob which I believe is not a problem. This sewing machine requires hefty battering before it can be taken down.

Amazing Features of Sailrite Heavy-Duty LSZ-1

The massive but heavy-duty sewing machine provides the following features:  

  • Straight/zigzag stitch walking foot. This mechanism guarantees the impressive feeding of the most challenging materials no matter how thick they are. It also makes sure the even length of stitches.
  • Power plus balance wheel. The balance wheel provides the exact small size like the traditional flywheel. At the same time, it supplies enough power to make sure the needle will make it through the fabric without any trouble.
  • Posi-Pin clutching system. This clutching system is important to the machine’s operation. Likewise, it is in charge to guarantee 100% power transfer is the machine is operating. The transfer transpires between the flywheel and needle.
  • Exceptionally wide presser foot 
  • ⅜ inch foot lift
  • Shifting stitch length (straight 6 mm, zigzag 5 mm)
  • Has limited 2 years warranty

Why buy the Sailrite Heavy-Duty LSZ-1?

Aside from the pros of this great machine, there are other things that you should not miss. Do you know what makes this product and its company stand out from the rest? It is definitely their customer service!

It does not mean that you will have some issues with the machine when we talk about customer service.

In case you are new to using the Sailrite Heavy-Duty LSZ-1 and have questions about it. This review will surely help you and aside from that. Their customer service is ready to provide their outstanding service for you.

A few of the machine’s parts have additional reinforcement sealed to them. The Sailrite Heavy-Duty LSZ-1 is popular and works well because it supplies a more detailed video manual. Also, these videos are posted on their site and are shared with others.

The width and length of the fabric are limitlessly adjustable. The Sailrite Heavy-Duty LSZ-1 can even unbelievably sew the finest thread and materials. There are countless accessories that can be attached to the machine.

The heavy crank handle can be mounted to make the sewing machine usable by hand. Binding attachments can be purchased along with different feet, lights, and guide to name a few.

Base on our review for Sailrite Heavy-Duty LSZ-1, it is now the best time to buy your one and start doing your projects for the home or to earn a living. The sewing machine is a good buy not only because it’s worth it but because of easy maintenance and you can repair it yourself.

Never miss the awesome accessories included in the package like the EZ Set™ Stitch Length Plate which is pre-installed. It also includes Integrated Thread Stand, Sailrite® Flex20 LED Light, and the Elastic Protector Strap.

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