Sewing a Straight Stitch – Is It That Hard?

Do you experience having a hard time sewing a straight stitch in your sewing machine? If your answer is yes, you don’t have to be shy about it as there are a lot of beginners who also encountered the same as you did.

We all know that this is the common problem of a seamstress, especially beginners. Therefore, we’ll thoroughly explain and teach you how to make a straight stitch. So, next time you’ll be sewing your clothes you won’t have trouble anymore.

Why Is It Hard To Sew A Straight Stitch?

Do you remember you have to check frequently your stitch if it’s straight or not when you manually do it by hand? It’s the same when you sew it in a sewing machine.

The reason why it’s hard to do it is that sometimes we’re unconscious of the distance in the cloth where it is stitching. When using a machine, we don’t have full control of the fabric because of its threading speed.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll be overwhelmed by how fast it is stitching and you’ll forget to measure and adjust your cloth. It’s only forgivable if it’s yours. However, if you are selling the final product of your fabric, you need it to be precise.

Steps to sew straight stitch:

  1. Prepare your sewing machine and fabric. Later, you might be needing a tape and fabric marker pencil, so also make sure you have them.
  2. Put the fabric below the presser foot. Also, check the string of the thread if it has a correct tightness.
  3. Look if you have a mark plate guide in your machine. If you don’t have, you can use a tape or pencil to draw a line on your fabric.
  4. You should sit up straight and align your machine to you.
  5. Gently push the foot pedal as you stitch the cloth.
  6. Use the reverse button if you want to stitch backward.
  7. Check your fabric if it has a straight line stitch by moving the presser foot upward. If yes, continue doing it until you finish your cloth.

Straight Threading

Is there a different way to have a straight line stitch on a mechanical/electronic and computerized sewing machine? The answer is they have similarities.

In mechanical/electronic, you have to do the step by step in this article. However, in a computerized machine, some of it has additional features wherein it’s automated. Here’s a little guide on how it works. There’s only little effort you have to make to have a precise stitch.

In Conclusion

Making a straight stitch in a sewing machine is hard for starters. However, if you use the step by step procedure we wrote in this article, then it’ll be easy for you like you are a professional seamstress. Just practice it every day and as time goes by you’ll be familiarized on how to do it.

After reading this, try doing it on your sewing machine. If you don’t have one, take a look at our list. Follow our instruction and let us know if you can do a straight stitch. Also, don’t forget to share this on your social media!

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