Singer CG590 Review

Singer CG590 review

Is your dream to have a garments manufacturing? Singer CG590 can help you achieve it. So we’ve compiled all its features and the benefits you’ll be getting out of this machine in our Singer CG590 review. This sewing machine definitely has all of the capabilities for industrial use. 

Of course, Singer CG590 is a great choice which is why we gave it a review

If you’re looking for a robust performance but affordable sewing device, this is one of our candidates. Here are the incredible features we found out from our in-depth research about it. It will help you understand why this should be your choice to purchase.

For Commercial Use

Beginners can use this machine. However, it is built to accommodate experience sewers especially those who want to start garment business.

With its powerful features, it is all that you need from an industrial sewing machine. It can handle any kinds of sewing and can deliver quality stitches to customers.

18 Built-in Stitches

Since it is for business and not for embroidery hobbyist, it has only 18 built-in stitches. You can have those essentials, decorative, zigzag and buttonholes.

Its 4-step buttonholes are the best. You can create quality buttons for your customer’s clothes. They’ll love it a lot.

High-Speed Stitch

Its maximum speed in stitching is unbelievable! With a small machine like this one, you’ll never guess it has 1100 stitches per minute.

You can do bulk orders with this feature. It will help you save time. Also, you can be productive with it and generate more income from your finished clothes.

Finger Guard

Singer CG590 is very harmless. Even if it is your first time with a sewing machine, your hands and fingers are safe with its finger guard.

Since it has a high speed of stitches, there could be times you might hurt your finger while sewing. Thanks to its finger guard you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Easy Regulating Dial and Lever

You can easily change the buttonholes by its regulating dial. All you have to do is turn the regulating dial clockwise or counterclockwise.

Another simple control is the machine’s lever. It is useful for selecting stitch design and its balance control.

Seven Drop Feeding System

If you want free motion quilting and sewing, its drop feeding system is what you need. Unlike other machines, this device has seven of it.

You can see this mechanism below the needle. It is the seven metal bars with teeth that you can see on the bedplate. It will make your cloth flow smoothly through the machine.

Stainless Steel Bedplate

Your Singer CG590 sewing machine will never look old even after using it for several years. Its steel bedplate is a high-quality stainless.

Besides the feed dog system, this stainless bedplate will also help you run your cloth smoothly. Also, it will be easy to clean it with the use of swab or lint brush.

Unique Free Arm

Does your machine have to remove the bottom part of it to access its free arm? You will never do that again with this sewing device. It has a unique structure so you can immediately utilize it.

The purpose of this feature is so you can quickly stitch your clothe’s sleeve, cuffs, and pants. As a result, you can immediately finish it.

Suction Cup Machine Base

Have you experienced your machine is sliding on your table especially if you will reach its maximum speed? We do too! Singer company knows it is one of the problems of sewers which is why this version has a suction cup base.

Place this Singer CG590 in a glass or plastic table, and you’ll see it will not slide even if you move or push it. If you also have kids playing in your working area, this is essential so there will be no accidents that may occur.

Carry It Anywhere

This device is portable as it only weighs 19 pounds. You can carry it with both your hands.

Also, it has a built-in handle to make it more movable. With it, you can place the machine from one place to another by one hand.

Value Your Money And Time

Upon purchasing this machine for an affordable price, you will receive several warranties. It has a 90-days warranty for bulbs and attachments, then a limited 2-years warranty for the motor and electronic component. Lastly, it has 25-years warranty for the upper part of the device.

You are making the right choice with Singer CG590 because not only it has many exceptional features you will also receive accessories. All of them are useful for your business.

Furthermore, this machine values your time. It can achieve all of your clothes and products quickly with its automatic features. Also, you don’t have to choose another device for several years.

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That’s all for our review on the Singer CG590 review. Are you ready to give it a try?

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