What Does Computerized Sewing Machines Do?

In these modern days, a seamstress is now using a computerized machine. For starters like you, how well do you know about it? Do you think you should buy one? Is it ok to use for personal and business use?

Below are the explanations and details about this sewing machine. It’ll answer all of your questions about it.

Computerized Sewing Machines Explained

If you want more advanced ones for stitching, then, you should try computerized sewing machines. It does more than just stitching. With several features like automation for threading and customization, you can do more than your traditional ones.

It’s today’s most favorite sewing machines for beginners and even professionals. If you check online shops like Amazon and eBay, you can see a lot of being sold. The reason they bought it is even customers love the end products of their clothing and has positive feedbacks.

There are no such things as perfect, even to machines like the computerized sewing. So, seamstress sees some advantages and disadvantages of using it. Below are the lists of it that we gather from them.

Advantages Of This Sewing Machines

High-Speed Sewing

Automatic features allow the machines to work faster with your clothing. Unlike the old ones, there are some things you have to do manually. Thus, it’ll take you a lot of time doing it.


Automated threading, buttonhole, and thread tension is one of the features of computerized sewing machines. You don’t have to do it manually. It would give you more time working beautifully with your clothing.

Good For Business

If you have a clothing business, this machine is the best for you to use! You can complete plenty of order from your customers with its features. It also makes pretty and clean stitches that they would love.

Easily Portable

Some of its affordable and little machines are portable. You can place or move it anywhere you like. If you’re traveling and you want to use it, you can carry it with its case.

They also have batteries. In case your area is blackout or doesn’t have electricity, this is perfect for those situations. You don’t have to worry about not completing your cloth.

More Precise Stitching

If you do manual stitching, there are times it does have a messy outcome. However, if you’ll be using this machine, you don’t have to worry about it.

It’s stitching is so precise you never imagine. For perfectionists, I think you should consider buying this.

More Stitch Selection

Nowadays, seamstress loves creativity a lot. If you’re one of them, then, you’ll like how many stitches you can do with this sewing machine. There are so many stitches you can choose. For expensive ones, you can even download a stitch online and install it with its app.

How About Some Disadvantages?


If you’re a slow learner with technology, then, this one is not for you.  You should also be techy because everything is computerized in this machine.


It cost a lot more than the electronic sewing machine. Here’s a sneak peak on what are the differences between electronic and computerized sewing machine. The price starts from $600 to $2000+ depending on how many features are included. Moreover, the repair and maintenance are pricey because of its technology especially its automation features. We’ve also written an article discussing how long it lasts here.

Should You Buy One?

From the information we gather, we recommend you should buy computerized sewing machines. If it’s expensive, you should start with the lowest and affordable price. Try if you think you can handle the machine and if you like the several features of it.

If you’re selling your finished clothes, we think new generation customers would like to have precise stitching and other stitch designs. We are pretty sure they would love it and buy from you again.

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