How to Adjust Your Sewing Machine Tension

Do you experience having a bird-nest of threads in your sewing machine? If yes, then, you have to adjust your sewing machine tension. But, how can you do it?

So, this article will help you know more about it and also step by step on how to properly set the tension.

Upper Tension Sewing Machine: Explained

Do you see a small knob at the upper part of the sewing machine? Have you ever wondered what’s the use of it?

Let’s look at the parts of upper tension and its explanation:

  1. Tension Discs and Regulator – It’s where you insert the string after putting the thread to the spool pin.
  2. Tension Regulating Dial – It’s the small looking-knob you can see at the top part of the needle. You will use it if you want to increase the tightness of the string. The numbers are the levels of how tight it will be. You have to test which number is best to use by decreasing and increasing it.

Here’s step by step on how to adjust your sewing machine tension:

  1. First, you have to examine if the string of the thread around the sewing machine is tight or not.
  2. Then, take a look if you have a messy stitch on your fabric.
  3. Check if the string in the bobbin is tangled.
  4. Examine if there’s a mess around the spool pin, wheel and needle. If yes, then you have to remove it and fix it again.
  5. Look for the tension dial. You must be able to turn it clockwise or counterclockwise. If you cannot, you have to ask someone to fix it. While you’re moving the tension regulator to clockwise, put a small scratch fabric under your needle and check if the tightness is right.

If it’s too tight, then move it counterclockwise to loosen it. After that, try to sew it again. If you can see a precise stitch, then, it’s accurate.

Why Is It Important To Know How To Use It?

First thing is that you might ruin your polishing cloth with rumpled stitch. That wouldn’t be fun, would it?

You’ll also waste lots of threads if this happens, especially if you’re in a low-budget buying a new thread.

Lastly, a reminder for all seamstress who wants to take it to the next level their sewing skills, you need to know about how to adjust the sewing machine tension and you have to check it before stitching the fabric. This is what separates an advanced seamstress from an average one. You don’t want to be average.

If you think this article is helpful to make you understand what is the use of tension regulator and dial and how to adjust it, share this to your co-seamstress. Let us also know your insights about it.

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