Brother SE400 Review

Brother SE400 review

Are you looking for a sewing machine that can beautify your fabrics? We would love to introduce to you the Brother SE400 with its review. It has a variety of use to embroidering your clothes.

So, before you buy any machine, let’s have an in-depth look at its features.

Is Brother SE400 a trusted brand?

Brother company is well-known from Japan that produces and innovates different kinds of electronics. They have several machines that receive international awards. One of them is from their sewing machines.

Amongst the innovations of this company, Brother SE400 is one of the best-computerized sewing machines they ever made. It has several purposes for basic sewing, quilting to embroidery.

Aside from that, it has:

  • Powerful motor
  • Tough plastic frame

What are the automatic features of Brother SE400?

These are the features that the Brother SE400 has:

  • Automatic-needle threading mechanism
  • Automatic thread cutter
  • Automatic-drop-in bobbin winding system

Here are the other adjustable features which can help you with your sewing:

  • Adjustable speed control slider
  • Back-lit LCD with precise information about your stitch
  • Easy control button and touchscreen system
  • Twin-needle so you can change needle immediately
  • Free-arm to easily sew your sleeves and small clothes

I am an embroidery enthusiast, does it have all that I need?

Yes, it does! Because it has these following built-ins for your embroidery needs:

  • 67 variety of stitches from basic, stretch, buttonholes and decorative stitches
  • 120 framing patterns
  • 5-lettering fonts for those who want to add their initials on fabric
  • 70 built-in embroidery design

Can I upload embroidery design in Brother SE400?

Yes, you can! What I love about this machine is you can upload your embroidery designs from your laptop or computer to Brother SE400. Because it has:

  • USB support
  • Computer connectivity

Imagine what designs you can stitch on your fabrics. It’s endless because of this feature!

Can it sew fast for my small embroidery business?

With its maximum speed of 710 stitches per minute for basic sewing and 400 stitches per minute for embroidery patterns, yes it can handle fast delivery of clothes.

Can it stitch thick fabrics?

Yes, it can sew thick layers of fabrics but not that much. You can embroider and quilt your thick towels, covers, and denim. Other than that, you cannot stick those with 5 to 7 layers of fabric.

Does it have a large number of accessories?

Would you believe it has 30+ additional accessories in its box? Here are some of it:

  • USB cable
  • 8-types of feet
  • Seam Ripper
  • Three-bobbins
  • Needle Set
  • Twin-needle
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Eyelet Punch
  • Small scissors
  • Screwdriver
  • Disc-Shaped Screwdriver
  • Light dusk cover
  • Touch Pen
  • Extra Spool Pin
  • Embroidery Hoop
  • Embroidery Bobbin Thread

Does it have a reasonable price?

With the price of more or less $300+ to $400+ for a computerized machine with computer connectivity, Brother SE400 has an affordable price.

What guarantee does it offer to the customer?

Even though all of their machines are high-quality and well-made in Japan, they still offer a 25-year limited warranty. So, if you have problems with some parts of it, you can consult it to their customer service.

Another information which will surprise you is the machine is sold out on some online stores like Amazon. Since Brother SE400 is an over-all machine for embroidery lovers, there are 2000+ and more customers who never regret purchasing it and even gave it a good review.

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