Consew 206RB-5 Review

Consew 206RB-5 reviewHave you happened to encounter a walking foot sewing machine like Consew 206RB-5 with its review? If yes, you might be wondering what it can do and why do professional sewers love it more than any stitching device.

If you ask your grandmother or grandfather what they like most between walking foot sewing machine or the modern machine, they would be picking the old one like Consew 206RB-5.

And most of the people who used the Consew 206RB-5 are happy to give a great review for this sewing machine. Why? It is because it has more advantageous features than any sewing equipment.

Even we were surprised when we have a look at all of its features. Other than that, we didn’t know it is the equipment in businesses that produce different kinds of products like bags, tarp and more.

Before you buy any sewing machine, try to check this one by reading its features below.

How long is its stitch length?

To our surprise, it has the maximum stitch length of 10mm. Usually, the average length of the stitch I encounter from the modern machine is 4 to 6mm.

What is the appearance of this machine?

For us, this is what we love the most from this machine. The first time we saw it struck us and after that, we want to know more about it.

It has a color white and vintage classy look which is perfect for any gender who will be using it. And, by looking at it, the one who made the design thinks it carefully of what it should be.

Can I use this to improve my sewing skills?

If you want to improve your skills, Consew 206RB-5 will help you with it. It doesn’t have many automatic features, but it has incredible ones which are why this sewing machine is for professional sewers.

You can try sewing your different types of fabrics and even creating other products.

What products can I produce with this?

With the help of these features:

  • Locking stitch regulator
  • Extra high presser foot clearance
  • It makes quality stitches

You can create unimaginable products that you can do like leather products, upholstery, bags, camping tents, boat and sail things, umbrellas, luggage, purse, bedcovers, tarps, curtains, and more.

Why does having a changeable needle plate feature and feed dog an advantage?

It is an advantage because customizing it can help you sew anything you want. You can have other measurements for your needle plate and more designs from other types of feed-dog.

Is it high maintenance?

No, it isn’t. You can save a lot of money from it. All you have to do is clean it after using it. Also, keep it away from liquid products.

How can this machine last for more than 10-years?

If you carefully take care of this machine, it could last for more than 10-years. But, experts say even if you use it all the time, it is still in good condition. It might be because of these features:

  • Centralized lubrication for oiling all of the parts of the machine
  • Heavy-duty motor and frame
  • Giant bobbin

Can I use this for my business?

Consew 206RB-5 is one of the trusted and most-like machines of clothing and upholstery companies.

They can save time and produce more products with the help of its maximum speed. They never experience delayed and all thanks to this.

Its working space is tremendous! Companies love it because they can create big projects like camping tent and tarps.

Included Accessories

Here are a few accessories that go with this sewing machine:

  • Needle set
  • Additional bobbins
  • Oil dispenser
  • Screwdrivers
  • Wrenches
  • Spool pins
  • Knee lifter
  • Parts manual

How much is it? Can I afford to have one?

Since it is a high-quality walking foot sewing machine, its price is more or less $1000. But, upon seeing what products it can do, you can save money from it.

What’s the customer review of this machine?

Would you believe almost all of the customers who bought it rated it five as the highest? Then, a lot of them said they don’t have further problems with the machine.

In conclusion, we highly recommend you to purchase this product. Just imagine what amazing things we’ve mention in our Consew 206RB-5 review and what are different things you can do with it and how much you can earn from it.

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