Singer 9970 Review

Singer 9970 review

Singer 9970 is our top pick all-around sewing machine for starter and hobbyist. Singer 9970 is an improved device version of Singer 9960 that will surprise a lot of customers, especially with this review.

You could be asking, why is it one of our favorite machine from the Singer company. Also, it is pretty unusual as many websites are leaving good reviews and recommending it to the consumers.

Wonder no more because in this article we will give you detailed information about the sewing device with its features. We will also show you its most significant advantages to sewers.

600 Stitches of Singer 9970

We are so surprised when we found out that Singer 9970 has a variety of built-in stitches. You can choose from 600 essentials and decorative stitches with buttonholes and letter fonts.

Just by looking at the machine and its price, you wouldn’t expect it. As we all know expensive sewing device only offers many stitches but this affordable one also has it! You can show-off your creativity with embroidery and designing the fabrics.

Adjustable Stitch Width and Length

Besides its numerous different designs of stitches, the machine also offers to customize it by adjusting its width and length. If you want to make it bigger, you can do it!

If you are sewing your bedcovers, curtains, and bedsheets, this feature is useful. You can expand your designs up to 7mm. Your family and friends will be astonished by the result.

Best Embroidery for Leather

Are you thinking of doing embroidery with your leather jacket or bag? No more dreaming about it as you can achieve that with this sewing machine.

It can sew thick layers of fabrics like leather and make decorative designs on it. The best part of it is it can produce quality stitches even for leathers, denim, towels, and canvas.

Singer 9970 Automatic Features

It has several automatic features which will ease the work of sewers. Then, if you’re a beginner in sewing, even if you don’t know much about its fundamentals, you can still learn and stitch with these features.

This part of our review for Singer 9970, we list down all the features that can help you learn to stitch. And those features are:

  • Automated Needle Threading System
  • An Automatic Drop-in Bobbin System
  • Automatic Thread Cutter
  • Automatic Tension Control
  • Automated Locking Stitch Button

Among all of these, what we love the most is its locking stitch button. Once you reach the end of the fabric, it will automatically secure the stitch without showing obvious back-stitch.

2 LED Light

Unlike other machines, they only have one built-in LED light. In Singer 9970, they want you to have a brighter view of your stitches and fabrics. Therefore, they design this sewing device with two LED light.

It is beneficial especially if you are in a room with dim light. We know how hard it is to see your stitches which is why we use other light like a lamp. Fortunately, we don’t have to use it anymore, thanks to this additional LED light from this machine.

Operates quietly

Do your family or neighbors complains a lot about noise every time you start sewing your fabrics with your machine? It is a very well-known problem of sewers that needs to be solved to enjoy your hobby.

You don’t have to worry about it with this machine. It is surprisingly quiet once you start sewing. So, if you’ll be sewing at night, they will never be disturbed with the noise. Isn’t it great?

Extension Table

You will never be troubled with how small your working area is. You can use its extension table to widen your sewing space.

It is useful for those who will be stitching large clothes. Also, those who love quilting many layers of fabrics will be pleased with this table.

Digital Information Advisor

Its large LCD monitor is your digital information advisor. It will give you data about your stitch size and design.

Also, it will show messages or warnings if something wrong is happening to your sewing machine. Then, it gives instructions of what you should do with it. This feature will be very convenient for beginners.

Energy Saving

How can you not love a machine that conserves energy? You won’t have to pay for high electricity bill for your nonstop sewing with Singer 9970.

Unlike its other version, it has a low volt of 110. You can save more money from using it.

For Personal Use

If you’re looking for a sewing machine just for personal use, this is our top pick for you. It has an affordable price to accommodate both beginners and professionals.

Its features will help you to improve your skills in no time. From general sewing, embroidery to quilting, you can never go wrong with Singer 9970, not to mention its awesome review. Needless to say, we highly recommend you to purchase this.

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